Who is the service suitable for?

Logistics and Deliveries company

eCommerce or retails that does its own deliveries

Looking for ways to become more efficient in operational processes and increase output?

Sick of spending hours on a manual plan that always comes out with errors?

Want to improve productivity?

Does each new customer or new distribution area take a long time to plan?

Our solution

Zik has developed a platform that manages logistics and deliveries for small entrepreneurs to large and global companies
While others just keep your data, we use machine learning systems to analyze the data and create recommendations and predictions, so you can manage your logistics and deliveries smarter and more efficiently.

What we do/ What you get

AI Algorithms that takes into account dozens of constrains.
Increasing profit by up to 27 percent
Simple connection to the organization’s systems
Quick and simple implementation
Machine learning -the system learns from events, addresses, roads, drivers and performance
Increasing operational efficiency- Up to 40%.
Model for planning thousands of stops in minutes
Up to 90% at the time of planning
Real-time tracking of performance and drivers.
Manage and respond in real time
Examining incorrect addresses and pin unknown addresses
Savings from the driver, excellent customers experience
AI Model to create automatic distribution area
Scale up easy, make changes in minutes
IOS And Android app
Simple, smart and flexible
POD-Signature, Picture, Barcode scan
All you need for prof of delivery
Deep learning model-forecasting deliveries
Optimal planning of manpower, vacations and vehicles.

About Zik

We are experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI),
Have practical experience in managing complex projects and advanced research from the world of AI and business.
We have mobilized our vast experience and knowledge and the enormous technological potential of artificial intelligence to solve supply chain optimization problems-
Planning and distribution management first

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